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I started Xandersound in order to make affordable, yet quality hand built guitar pedals. I'm careful with how I source the components and match them to each pedal for the best sound. I also believe in quality so I use Die-cast Hammond Enclosures which are very tough and durable, quality jack sockets and foot switches. Each pedal is hand built to a high standard.

I've been making pedals since 2010 when a friend asked me to make a Fuzz Face clone.
It took me a while and I decided to make the Little AB first, a true bypass mini pedal switch.

After gaining a little more confidence I started to investigate the Fuzz Face and made the MOO-FACE a classic silicone fuzz face. My friend was very pleased with the pedal, so I decided to look at making some other pedals.
I've also produced a modified version the MOO-FACEXT which has more treble and a bias knob to change the sound around. Next phase with the MOO-FACE is to introduce some tweaks to enable greater tone variation in the sound, as well as trying out different types of transistors.

Then came the MOO-BOOST a simple but effective clean booster pedal, loved by my friend and also selling well.

I've also been creating several Strymon products such as the MICRO-FAVOURITE. I've been trying to source silent foot switches to make Strymon TAP TEMPO's with as at the moment the ones I can get click (which is annoying!) There is also a MICRO EXPRESSION which has a big nob which you can turn by foot or hand to change various settings on your Strymon pedal.

I've also made a bunch of other stuff like BOSS FS pedals, amp switches, Y-Cables and so on.... 

The shop is on eBay at the moment to keep things simple, you can find me here - http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/xandersound

Customer service is very important to me, if there's a problem I'll resolve it without arguing. 

If you've got any questions or requests please feel free to get in touch.

Alex Green



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